MS Weekly Staff Memo – May 3, 2015

What’s On My Mind:
This weekend I read an article that really moved me, and then this morning I heard a really interesting sermon that I have been thinking about all day.  I think these two things go in hand-in-hand, so I hope you’ll indulge me as I try to recap and pull the two together.  In a nutshell, my priest made me think about something that hasn’t crossed my mind in years.  He alluded to the “games” that children make up when they are little.  I’m sure you all experienced this.  It’s impromptu – not planned – but out of nowhere you now have a new game or “drama” that you enact with your friends.  And as the game unfolds or the plot thickens, the set of rules become more complex.  Is this ringing a bell?  I totally remember doing this as a child – both with made up games and with dramas!  His point was that he was watching his own children do the same thing and he had an “aha” moment as I like to call them.  (Okay, I stole that from Oprah).   He said that at some point, it becomes too much…the rules are too overwhelming and complex…and kids tend to abandon the current situation and declare a “new game.”  How often do we do the same thing as adults?  I know in my role as administrator, I see more and more constraints being placed upon us, all with good intentions of course, but at what point do we throw our arms in the air and scream “Uncle?”  My Rector’s point was that it’s in these moments that we have to recalibrate and focus on #whatmatters.  Why are we doing what we’re doing?  Why does everything have to be so complicated?  This lined up beautifully with an article I read this weekend, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share it with you.  In the craziness of May and testing season, I hope that we all will pause and take deep breaths to remember #whatmatters.  What are we trying to accomplish here?  Are we focused on our mission and vision or are we losing sight and falling victim to the rat-race?  I’ll be the first to admit that I need to take DEEP belly breaths on some days as I have a tendency to get swept away in the rules we impose on ourselves.  I encourage each of you to stop – take some time – and be with your students in the upcoming weeks.  This time will pass us by ever so quickly, and not only do they deserve our presence and awareness, we deserve these gifts as well.
Here’s the link to the article.  It resonated deeply with me, and I hope it will resonate with you.
7 Things Every Kids Should Master:
Upcoming Events:
Monday, May 4th
Tuesday, May 5th
Wednesday, May 6th
MS Drama and ShowChoir Show Case in MS Black Box
Thursday, May 7th
MS Band Concert – 6:30 in MS Gym
Friday, May 8th
Teacher Workday – Kindergarten Screening
Looking Ahead….
5/14/15 – Last day of MS Electives classes
5/15/15-5/16/15 – CSD Staff Retreat (arrive by 10 on Friday and leave at dinner time on Sat)
5/18/15 – 8th Grade Science EOG – carpool begins at 2:30
5/19/15 – Reading EOG – carpool begins at 2:30
5/20/15 – Math EOG – carpool begins at 2:30
5/22/15 – Math 1 EOC for 8th graders taking Math 1
5/22/15 – Practicum Sharing Celebration
5/25/15 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day Holiday
5/26/15 – 5/27/15 – 7th Grade Ropes Course
5/27/15-5/29/15 – 8th Grade Kanuga Trip
5/27/15 – 6th Grade Holocaust Museum
6/1/15 – 7th Grade Change Project
6/2/15 – State of the School Address and Volunteer Appreciation 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. at HS Black Box
6/3/15 – Last day of school!
6/4/15 – HS Graduation – Belk Theater
6/4/15 – 6/6/15 – Teacher Workdays
Go ahead and begin to think about year-end close out.  The close out list will come to you soon but the NUMBER #1 challenge is collecting all EOG books, novels and calculators.  It is critical that you begin to figure out NOW if students have lost things so that they can be paid for before school is out.
 when they leave me

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