MS Weekly Staff Memo – Oct 26, 2014

Great Things I Noticed This Week

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Upcoming Events
Monday, October 27th
MS Report Cards due to Juli for editing
Quarter 2 of Explore Electives Begins
8:30-9:30 – MS Principal/Parent Coffee Talk in MS Media Center – Topic:  Bullying

Tuesday, October 28th
8th Grade Yearbook Pictures

Wednesday, October 29th
Beth Knight’s Get Together – 6:30!!!! :)))))
Sara Keys – Teacher Leader

Thursday, October 30th
TEACHER WORKDAY; Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 31st
TEACHER WORKDAY; Parent/Teacher Conferences

Looking Ahead….10/23-10/26 – In the Heights- Community Musical at HS
11/4 -11/6 – K-7 Yearbook Pics
11/5 – MS Staff Meeting11/7 – 7th Grade Africa Day
11/8 – CSD Auction 11/11 – NO SCHOOL; VETERAN’S DAY HOLIDAY11/14 – 6th Grade Greek Day
11/19 – Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
11/19 – MS Drama One Acts
11/19-11/20 – Finance Park (8th Grade)
12/1 – MS Principal/Parent Coffee Talk 8:30-9:30
12/1 – NO Parent Advisory in December
12/2 – Regional Charter School Meeting at HS 10-12
12/3 – MS Staff Meeting
12/8 – School Spelling Bee
12/10 – Band Concert 9:30-10:30
12/10 – Understudy Dance Performance 5:30-8:30
12/11 – MS Dance Dress Rehearsal (during school day)
12/13 – MS Dance Performance
12/17 – MS Show Choir Performance
12/22 – 1/4 – Winter Break

From Joy: As you set up conferences with parents and students, remember to focus on what matters.  We want to be positive and solution oriented.  It can be easy to slip into a place that feels defensive….but our students are watching.  Let’s teach them how to handle conflict with grace and a positive and open heart.  Approach every conference asking, “What can I say so that this parent and student KNOW that I am on their team and will do all that I can do to help the student learn?”  We are not about playing gotcha with our students.  We are about focusing on what matters; the students and helping them learn.  Yes, this does mean sometimes sharing areas of growth with the students….but what words are we using?  Is the message, “This is what’s wrong with you,” or is the message, “I want to help you and I will do this to help if you will do that, we can beat this together.  I will not give up on you even if you are making immature choices because you are too important to me.”

Promethean and projector bulbs are very expensive, so please help us preserve their life (and therefore conserve our $) but clicking ‘no show’ when not in use.  Thank you!

Be thinking about presentation topics for our Fresh Take Conference (January 23, 2015)!  We need you! Proposals are due and we have minimal offerings.  Please begin thinking or if you are willing but not sure what to do, see an admin or team member for brainstorming.  It is super important that we offer a variety of presentations.  I think we may have high numbers this year!

Professional Development
Here are some great reminders for all of us regarding Dyslexia in the general classroom.




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