MS Weekly Staff Memo – September 14, 2014

Great Things That Happened This Week
Thank you, teachers, for all of your hard work with Curriculum Night!  I feel it was a huge success.  You all are so impressive and you always do such a good job of informing parents about what their children will be learning throughout the year.  I know it’s a long night…which makes for a long week…but I sincerely believe it is worth every second!  I cannot tell you how many parents have made it a point to reach out to me and tell me what an outstanding team of teachers we have at CSD MS.  I couldn’t agree more!  🙂  If you haven’t already, please be sure to make your curriculum night materials available to parents who were unable to attend.  I really appreciate your outstanding efforts to strengthen the home-school connection.  You all ROCK!

Upcoming Events
Monday, September 15th
CSD Board Meeting – 6:30 at HS

Tuesday, September 16th
Staff Flu Shots

Wednesday, September 17th
Special Guest Visitor (Tony DeRose) in Dan Merithew’s morning class
11:00-12:00 – 8th Grade Team Meeting (with Juli/Dana/Denise)
3:30 – MS Staff Meeting – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Thursday, September 18th
Beth Knight – Teacher Leader

Friday, September 19th

Looking Ahead….
9/25-9/26 – NO SCHOOL; (Jewish Holiday)
9/29 – MS Principal/Parent Coffee Talk at 8:30 in MS Media Center
9/30-10/2 – K-8 School Pictures
10/2 – MS Staff Meeting – 3:30 – Classroom Management Series
10/10 – CSD Homecoming
10/14 – Lottery K-8 Open House (9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.)
10/21 – Lottery K-8 Open House (9:30 a.m. only)
10/27-10/31 – Book Fair
10/27 – MS Principal/Parent Coffee Talk at 8:30 in MS Media Center
10/27 – Quarter 2 of Explore Electives Begins
10/28 – 8th Grade Yearbook Pics
10/30-10/31 – NO SCHOOL; TEACHER WORKDAYS – Optional Parent Conferences
11/4 -11/6 – K-7 Yearbook Pics
11/7 – 6th Grade Greek Day
11/12-11/13 – 8th Grade Finance Park
11/14 – 7th Grade Africa Day

Prior to this week’s staff meeting, please be sure to view the video Karen Cain sent out earlier this week via email.  The subject line of the email is Preventing Child Sexual Abuse.  We will use staff meeting time to discuss this sensitive topic, so please be sure to view ahead of time.  

Please do not shut off your computers at the end of the day.  Nucentric often does upgrades and maintenance after hours, so it is essential for staff members to leave computers on in order for Nucentric to be able to complete their tasks.  On a related note, if you are experiencing a technical issue, contact Nucentric at the following email address:  NOT  Thanks so much.

As we are doing our annual technology inventory, we implore teachers to please help us to make sure that our students are good stewards of our resources.  We MUST take care of the equipment in our building.  Thank you for putting procedures in place that enforce student accountability.  Constant care of communal property is truly one of the most important messages we can give our students, so thank you for helping us get this across to students.  We need you!

Professional Development
I follow George Couros on Twitter.  I often find his tweets thoughtful, insightful, and thought-provoking.  This week he shared a great blog post entitled, 8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom.
If you are new to Twitter, Couros is a good one to follow.  Same is true for Will Richardson (who is cited in the article).  Richardson has a very innovative approach to educational philosophy.

Here’s another great post that focuses on teachers and teaching: 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher  I hope these posts give you some things to think about as we head into another adventurous week in our classrooms!






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