MS Weekly Staff Memo – September 6, 2014

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Great Things That Happened This Week

-An AMAZING 6th grade book club discussion where the kids literally functioned as if the teacher was not even there.  The discussion was real and the discussion was deep.  It was incredible!

-Teachers writing love notes to their same-subject colleagues after a day of cross-school observations.  Magical!

-Kids highly engaged in learning through the use of high-energy, hands-on games in the classroom.

-Kids freaking out at the thought of possibly losing old pieces of writing on the google drive… How special is this?  Seriously, how many kids actually care this much about old pieces of writing from years’ prior?  Warms my heart in ways I truly can’t even explain.

-Hearing/Seeing/Reading about kids who are in love with their teachers and showing their appreciation by writing notes of gratitude.

-Seeing kids spill out into the community to work on a collaborative military Halloween Drive.

-Teachers springing into action and helping their colleagues in their moment of need on a moment’s notice.  Priceless.

-Being reminded of the incredible group of people I work with as I attended the K-12 Staff Meeting this week.  You all ROCK!!!

Upcoming Events
Monday, September 8th
7:30 p.m. – Parent Advisory Meeting at HS
Mimi Siadak – cross-school observation day

Tuesday, September 9th

Wednesday, September 10th
11:00-12:00 – 7th Grade Team Meeting (with Juli/Dana/Denise)
3:30-4:30 – Benefits/Retirement Info Staff Meeting at K-8 (Optional)
5:30-8:30 – MS Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 11th
Sara Keys – Teacher Leader

Friday, September 12th
6th Grade Ropes Course ((Hof, Knight, Siadak, Tornberg)

Looking Ahead….
9/15-9/17 – Barrier Island Trip
9/16 – Staff Flu Shots
9/17 – Pixar Employee to visit Dan Merithew’s math class
9/17 – K-12 Staff Meeting – From Darkness to Light Training
9/25-9/26 – NO SCHOOL; (Jewish Holiday)
9/29 – MS Principal/Parent Coffee Talk at 8:30 in MS Media Center
9/30-10/2 – K-8 School Pictures
10/2 – MS Staff Meeting – 3:30 – Classroom Management Series
10/10 – CSD Homecoming
10/14 – Lottery K-8 Open House (9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.)
10/21 – Lottery K-8 Open House (9:30 a.m. only)
10/27 – MS Principal/Parent Coffee Talk at 8:30 in MS Media Center
10/27 – Quarter 2 of Explore Electives Begins
10/30-10/31 – NO SCHOOL; TEACHER WORKDAYS – Optional Parent Conferences

As we are doing our annual technology inventory, we implore teachers to please help us to make sure that our students are good stewards of our resources.  We MUST take care of the equipment in our building.  Thank you for putting procedures in place that enforce student accountability.  Constant care of communal property is truly one of the most important messages we can give our students, so thank you for helping us get this across to students.  We need you!

Thank you for your patience as we have undergone this somewhat messy google username transfer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Juli.  We are optimistic that things are almost settled, and we are extremely grateful for your patience and support.

If you are a lead teacher, don’t forget to sign up for your cross-school observation appointment by clicking here:
Shannon and Beth partook of this opportunity this week, and they both had nothing but positive feedback to share.  Make sure you don’t miss out!  Sign up today.

Professional Development

Notice my new widget on the sidebar with my twitter feed.  If you don’t already have one, I encourage ALL of you to create a twitter account for professional development.  It truly is one of THE BEST sources of PD out there!  Start following your favorite educational gurus and let the learning begin.  #awesomesauce #somuchtolearn #solittletime #brainfood #lovemesometwitter

Great article by my boyfriend, Rick Wormeli.  “Carrots and sticks won’t make middle schoolers learn.  These approaches will.”

As we consider motivation, we must also consider lack of motivation.  Here are the Top 12 Demotivators from the master, my man, Rick Wormeli.  Gonna confess…  I agree with #10 philosophically, but man do I struggle with it in actually practice. Just so you know!  You guys can help me wrestle with this one as I truly go back and forth on it often.

Top 12 Demotivators


Just when we think we have it tough…  The images contained in this article put a whole different spin on carpool for those who might be tempted to complain.  #carpoolaintsobad #wegotitprettygood



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