MS Weekly Staff Memo – August 30, 2014

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What’s On My Mind
Teamwork.  Where else is teamwork more pertinent than in our schools?  Everywhere I look, I see teams – teams of kids, teams of teachers, teams of parents, teams of administrators.  TEAMWORK!  As we start this new year, I encourage everyone to take some time to think about your role on your team(s) and consider the following:

How am I contributing?  
What am I adding?  
Am I a positive, helpful force on my team?
Do I listen to reply or listen to understand?
How do others feel about me?
How do I make others feel about themselves?
What do I like best about my team?
What actions have I taken to make sure my teammates feel valued?
How do I hold myself and others accountable?

Although this article is specific to sports, I think these tips can easily apply to our team dynamics at school.  Take a moment to read and think about how you are contributing in each of these areas.

And in the words of Magic Johnson…




Upcoming Events
Monday, Sept. 1

Wednesday, Sept 3
K-12 Staff Meeting (immediately following HS carpool) in MS Gym
Staff Kid Care Schedule coming soon!

Friday, Sept 5
6th Grade Ropes Course (Knag, McMillian, Ream, Robinson)

Looking Ahead….
9/8 – Parent Advisory – 7:30 at HS
9/10 – (Optional) Benefits/Retirement Meeting – 3:30 in MS Black Box
9/10 – MS Curriculum Night – 5:30-8:30
9/12 – 6th Grade Ropes Course (Hof, Knight, Siadak, Tornberg)
9/15-9/17 – Barrier Island Trip
9/17 – K-12 Staff Meeting – From Darkness to Light Training
9/25-9/26 – NO SCHOOL; TEACHER WORKDAYS; (Jewish Holiday)

This year each school will be publishing a monthly newsletter for parents.  We will also be hosting “Coffee Talks” with parents as well to discuss certain age-specific developmental and educational issues.  It will be much like Parent Advisory, but will be more focused on each specific school (elementary, middle, and high).  Here’s a link to the PowerofWe Parent Blog!  Please take a few moments to check it out!

I’m almost afraid to say this (knock on wood), but after my talk with the kids last week about book bags in the bathroom, we have had NO problems!  Yay!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in your classrooms over the last two weeks.  You all are INCREDIBLE!!!  And I truly feel that our summer study on classroom management has had a positive impact on the culture and environment of our middle school.  You all have managed to strike the right balance between firmness and kindness and most importantly, you have done so without being rigid.  Excellent work!  Thank you for making our expectations clear and for following through.  Michael Linson is right.  The secret to classroom management is “creating a classroom your students love being a part of combined with an unwavering commitment to accountability.”  You are proving that to be true everyday!  Thanks for your hard work.  It’s paying off!

Leads, don’t forget to sign up for your cross-school observation!

Don’t Forget What They Need….


best thing about teaching


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