MS Weekly Staff Memo – March 30, 2014

Great Things I Noticed This Week

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Students, parents and teachers coming together to prepare for the 8th Grade Dance – What a special night!  Kathleen McMillan summed it up perfectly in her beautiful Facebook post:  “Those who make compassion an essential part of their lives find the joy of life. Kindness deepens the spirit and produces rewards that cannot be completely explained in words. It is an experience more powerful than words. To become acquainted with kindness one must be prepared to learn new things and feel new feelings. Kindness is more than a philosophy of the mind. It is a philosophy of the spirit.”

New teachers who have made great strides in honing their craft.  It’s so exciting to watch excellence take form! (Little tiny claps)

Colleagues coming together to support one of their fellow colleagues and dear friends during a time of crisis.  Krista, please know you are in our hearts, and we are surrounding you with thoughts of comfort and peace during this difficult time.

Preparations for next year are in motion.  The student scheduling process has begun and new classes are taking shape!  Woop!  Woop!

Teachers going to great lengths to individualize learning and prepare their students for upcoming EOG’s.  You all are SO inspiring!

Upcoming Events
Monday, March 31
11:15-12:15 – 7th Grade Team will work on 8th Grade Advisory lists for next year.

Tuesday, April 1
April Fools – Just kidding!  (No I’m not)

Wednesday, April 2
Wait-List Tours – Expect some visitors in the building this day.  I will be doing the tours, myself, so if you call for my assistance, I may not be able to get there right away.  Thanks for your patience and understanding with this.
11:15-12:15 – LASS Team Meeting – I would love to take this time to check in with individual LA teachers about their students’ pre-EOG test results and see what I can do to support the EOG prep process.
3:30-5:00 – Staff Meeting – This will be a follow up to our previous staff meeting on Classroom Management.  This week we will share how our proactive and interactive strategies are going.  We will also engage in discussion and brainstorming about “consequences.”  Can’t wait!

Thursday, April 3
1/2 of 8th Grade at Finance Park
Dorothy Pagan -Teacher Leader
Juli in classrooms. 🙂

Friday, April 4
1/2 of 8th Grade at Finance Park
No Practicum b/c of Finance Park – core rotations instead
Juli out – Beth Knight Teacher Leader

Other Upcoming Dates….
March 31 – EOG Prep begins this week
April 3 – MS Drug/Alcohol Awareness Parent Workshop with Jim Anderson 7:00p.m.
April 3 & 4 – 8th Grade Finance Park
April 7 – 7/8 Dance Class Sharing in MS Gym
April 7 – Parent Advisory – 7:30 at HS
April 7 – Master Calendar Planning Meeting – 6:00-8:00 at HS
April 9 – Ed Leadership Seminar – Teacher Leader Discussion
April 10 – 6th Grade Drama Class Sharing in Black Box
April 11 – 7th Grade SLC’s
April 11 – 1/2 Day; Early Dismissal – Spring Break begins
April 11-20 – SPRING BREAK; Classes resume on 4/21/14
April 25 – CSD Golf Tournament
April 25 – 6th Grade Butterfly Project Field Trip
April 25 – CSD Junior/Senior Prom
April 28 – BK Writing Class 3:30-5:30
May 1 – 6th Grade Dance Class Sharing in Black Box
May 3 – Davidson Town Day and Spartan 5K
May 9 – Early Dismissal
May 15 – Early Dismissal
May 16-17 – Staff Retreat
May 19 – BK Writing Class 3:30-5:30
May 21 – Reading EOG 3-8
May 22 – Math EOG 3-8
May 23 – Math 1 EOC for 8th Graders
May 23 – 8th Grade Practicum Sharing (afternoon)
May 26 – Memorial Day Holiday
May 27 – 8th Grade Science EOG
May 27-28 – 7th Ropes Course
May 29 – 6th Grade Holocaust Museum
May 28-30 – 8th Grade Kanuga Trip
June 2-3 – 6th Grade Field Trip to UNCC Botanical Gardens
June 2 – 8th Grade Moving Up Rehearsal
June 2 – State of the School Address/Volunteer Appreciation 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
June 3 – 8th Grade Student Led Conferences (at HS with HS staff)
June 4 – Last Day of School – 5 & 8 Moving Up Ceremonies, 6/7 Dance
June 5-6 – Teacher Workdays
June 5 – First Ever CSD HS Graduation!!!  Belk Theater, Charlotte 7:30 p.m.

Professional Development:
With this Classroom Management theme, I think we are on to something!  I have received SO much positive feedback about our last staff meeting that I have decided to ride this wave for a while.  Several of you have expressed interest in pursuing a summer PD Focus group that would dig into reading about and discussing Classroom Management techniques and expectations of overall student behavior.  Of course, this would not be complete without a “side study” focused on pre-adolescent development (ages 11-14).  We would aim to conduct our discussion sessions on Thursdays at school when childcare is provided.  If you are interested in participating or learning more about this possible opportunity, please sign up by clicking here:

To Ponder:

Although I had a million reminders this week of what incredible people our students are, I saw this cute poster and it reminded me of something very important.  I think we all need to be reminded of this from time to time – myself being at the top of the list!  And I feel certain that none of you ever fall into this category. 🙂  To my fellow trouble-makers:  you ARE changing the world, no doubt.  Love you!



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One response to “MS Weekly Staff Memo – March 30, 2014

  1. Beth

    Love the ‘troublemaker’ thought and it made me think of how my perspective is unique. I see kids from 6th to 8th every year. I have the fortunate position to get to know every student in ms. I watch each group go through middle school and see their changes along the way. It seems that each group of kids has a tough year in middle school (typically 7th grade, but some groups have busted that theory). All in all they need us to help guide them through the rough moments and help them come out better people in the end. I have witnessed so many great success stories. I wish I had some before and after photos that would capture the essence of that change. Keep at it. It is worth all the work in the end!

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